Building networks
Peregrine Communications, Inc. provides project management, engineering, design, construction, installation, integration, testing, and maintenance services for the telecommunications industry on a worldwide basis.  Peregrine was established in 1985 to provide complete turnkey solutions for Cable, FTTH, and IPTV systems.

Peregrine designs and installs integrated video, data, and voice networks for the tier two and tier three markets; including telephone companies, municipalities, commercial, institutional, and governmental facilities.  Peregrine’s services allow our customers to:

•	Develop new broadband services in green-field situations
•	Add capacity and services (e.g. MPEG2 & MPEG4, IPTV, VOD, HDTV, Internet, telephony, and/or OTT) to their existing networks.
•	Maintain their existing fiber-optic, coaxial, and/or copper cable infrastructure, their content acquisition equipment, headend, and/or data center.
•	Expand their networks into new geographical markets

Peregrine’s strongest competitive advantage is the ability to offer fully integrated network solutions.  Peregrine provides headend engineering, systems design, mapping, project management; systems upgrade engineering, system sweep analysis, leakage detection, fiber ring design, and fiber management.  Additionally, Peregrine provides the installation and maintenance services critical to the long-term performance of our customer’s systems.  

Peregrine has a highly qualified staff of engineers and field technical personnel capable of addressing all the needs associated with IPTV, telecommunications, CATV systems and data centers.  Peregrine’s staff understands the importance of not only a well-designed and professionally cabled system, but also a project that remains on budget and on time.  As systems integrators, Peregrine’s engineers are professionally trained and educated on every piece of equipment that has been provided for our customer’s individually designed solution.

Peregrine Communications Inc.

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