Building networks
Peregrine Communications, Inc.  offers factory assembly systems as a time and money saving alternative to on-site builds.  Peregrine will install, wire, configure and ship a complete system to your facility or your customer’s facility; this allows us to create a finished product much faster and with less on-site time which means lower costs.  Peregrine has its own assembly area and lab where we will configure all your equipment and perform quality control checks before the system is shipped.  Peregrine will then go on-site to your facility or your customer’s facility and complete the installation and integration or Peregrine will ship the system to you for your in-house installation and provide 7x24 support to ensure the system turn-up is completed smoothly and successfully.  

Engineering and Design – Peregrine is a full turnkey solutions provider; therefore designing a system that will meet your needs.  Peregrine will work with you on product evaluation and procurement of equipment so that you will have a complete interoperable system that meets the latest industry requirements.

Installation and Configuration – Peregrine will install and configure all the necessary equipment and materials at our facility to make your system fully functional.  Installation and configuration are particularly important in factory assembly systems because they ensure a seamless integration with your existing equipment and a complete factory assembly system will take less time to deploy.

Wiring – Peregrine is known for our neat and traceable wiring.  The wiring is an extremely important part of your system because you want your system to look nice enough to show off and the cables need to be fully functional and traceable for troubleshooting and expansion.

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