Building networks
For both small and large businesses IT demands are increasing, causing the need for a more efficient data center.  Businesses rely on data centers for communication both internally and externally, storage and retrieval of documents, and almost all other dealings.  Peregrine Communications, Inc. can help you with your new data center or with upgrading and rewiring your current facility to meet both current and future business requirements. 

Services Provided
Engineering – Peregrine will engineer and design your data center including building size, power requirements, HVAC, electrical, infrastructure, building access, redundancy, and security that will meet all your needs.  Peregrine can perform cost benefit analysis on different manufacturers to ensure you are getting a data center that fits into your budget.

Project Management – Peregrine provides a staff of highly qualified project managers with thorough knowledge of the building process.  The project managers will work with you every step of the way; from the design and engineering phase, site adaptation phase, deployment phase, and commissioning phase.  The project managers provide you and everyone involved in the project a schedule and progress meetings are arranged to make sure that your project is completed on time.  

Infrastructure Installation – As a professional systems integrator Peregrine will be on-site to complete the infrastructure installation.  Peregrine will install and configure power, HVAC, and security systems, ladder rack or cable management, and cabinets.

Wiring – Peregrine is known for our neat and easily traceable wiring.  The wiring is an extremely important part of your data system because you want your system to look nice enough to show off and you want to make sure that the cables are functional and easily traceable to minimize down time.

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