Building networks
Peregrine Communications, Inc. has been working with municipalities, telephone companies, utilities, cable operators, government agencies, and educational institutions to solve today’s big problems of bandwidth constraints and limited reach by building out your FTTH Plant.  Peregrine can help you transition from your coaxial plant to your fiber plant, which will allow for increased speeds and an architecture that will deliver triple-play services.

Services Provided

Architecture and Design – Peregrine’s staff includes a design and engineering team that remains up-to-date with different architectural schemes for your Fiber To The Home plant and can customize a pathway just for you.  Peregrine has both designed and implemented FTTH architectures using a variety of manufacturer solutions.  
Fiber Backbone - If you are unsure about your long term plans or want a flexible system that grows as you grow,  Peregrine will design a fiber backbone that can be built upon and provide alternative revenue sources.  Factors such as future growth and business service opportunities will be considered so the backbone is ready for the unforeseen future.

Project Management - Peregrine maintains a full staff of project managers with thorough knowledge of techniques to keep you informed on the progress and ensure timely completion of your FTTH outside plant construction and upgrade.  Peregrine’s project managers tailor their methods to best suit you, including regularly scheduled meetings and progress reports.

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